Information Management

Revenue Data from Individual Member Companies

WSTS guarantees strict confidentiality for the data that member companies submit. This data is collected and consoldiated by appointed data collection agents. These companies are applying the business standards of certified public accountants. WSTS does not receive any revenue data of individual member companies.

Worldwide Data Compilation

Data collection agents consolidate all member data within a region and submit the region base report to the world wide data collection agent. Region base data is not issued to anyone and is kept in custody. The world wide data collection agent compiles the world wide revenue data and adds non-particpant estimates to it, based on instructions given by WSTS.

Publication of WSTS Reports

WSTS reports, after compilation by the world wide data colleciton agent, are posted on the WSTS web site. Strict access control systems will limit access permit to authorized individuals within member companies and licensees.
Licensees are semiconductor industry asscociations that have obtained distribution licenses for certain WSTS reports in certain territories. Licensed distributors offer WSTS reports to non-semiconductor companies for subscription.

Observance of Antitrust Regulations

Under no circumstances will WSTS allow or facilitate any information exchange between competitors on their business data, business policies and pricing strategies. Whenever WSTS invites competing semiconductor companies to meetings, all participants will explicitly be briefed that any exchange of information on future pricing policies, expectations, supply/demand balance, inventories and the like is strictly prohibited.

WSTS Key Data

  • 45 Member companies
  • 4 Regional organizations
  • 5 regional distribution channels for WSTS data to non-members
  • 4 years forecast updated twice a year

Introduction to WSTS

All you want to know, all you need to know about WSTS! Download and view a slide presentation about WSTS services, organization, and membership.


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