WSTS Membership is available to companies who design and market semiconductors, both discrete and integrated devices. Both fabbed and fabless companies are eligible. Membership with any Semiconductor Industry Association is not a precondition for WSTS membership. Members have access to all information services that WSTS provides on a give and take basis (who contributes may benefit). 

Types of Membership

Two types of membership are offered:

Regular Membership

  • Participation in and access to all information services.
  • Individual inquiry and information privileges.
  • Participation in Meetings with full voting rights on all policy matters, including data format and product definitions.
  • One seat in the WSTS Committee.
  • Employees of regular member companies may act as Directors, Chairman or Vice-Chairman of WSTS.
  • Application for Associate Membership status is prohibited during a period of 12 month after termination of Regular Membership.

Associate Membership

  • Participation in and access to all information services, some of them on voluntary basis (give and take principle).
  • Participation in Meetings without voting rights.
  • Associate Membership status expires after 2 full calendar years and can only be re-entered after 12 months of termination of Regular Membership. Upgrade from Associate Membership to Regular Membership is possible at any time.
  • Associate membership is restricted to companies with annual revenues up to $M1000 and their entire semiconductor product portfolio must fit into no more than 6 WSTS product categories.

Term of Membership

Membership may commence and end at any time, but the full annual membership fee is always due for calendar year during which membership commences or ends. Termination of membership by WSTS is only possible for cause, by the member company for convenience.

Application for Membership (Online)

Becoming a WSTS Member is simple. Go to the Online Application Form.

Membership Fee for the Year 2024

The membership fee covers the operational expenses of WSTS and is determined by the Board of Directors every year in November for the following year. Membership fees depend on membership status and member companies' revenue during the preceding year. The membership fees applicable for 2024 remained at the same level as in 2023. The ranges "Revenue From/To" refer to the member company's revenue in 2023. For existing members who extend their membership into 2024 the revenues of 2023 will be estimated based on the year-to-date revenues January through September. This number will be multiplied with 1.36569 to estimate the annual revenue 2023.

Revenue Regular Membership   Revenue Associate Membership
From To   From To
$M $M $ $M $M $
0 25 450   0 100 550
26 50 770   101 500 850
51 100 1,200   501 1,000 1,700
101 200 2,200   1,001 up Not Available
201 400 4,800  
401 600 7,000  
601 800 9,500  
801 1,000 10,800  
1,001 1,250 12,000  
1,251 1,600 12,500  
1,601 2,000 13,500  
2,001 2,500 14,500  
2,501 3,150 15,500  
3,151 4,000 17,000  
4,001 5,000 18,000  
5,001 6,000 18,500  
6,001 7,000 20,000  
7,001 8,000 21,500  
8,001 9,000 23,000  
9,001 10,000 24,500  
10,001 and above 26,000  

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