WSTS provides market statistics to the semiconductor industry. Furthermore related upstream and downstream industries, organizations involved in semiconductor securities trading, semiconductor market research firms and other related businesses take benefit of the market data and industry forecasts as issued by WSTS.

Access to Information Provided by WSTS

Semiconductor companies may become WSTS members. Membership both comprises the obligation to feed the member company's revenue data regularly into the appointed Data Collection Agents and fund the operation and services of WSTS by membership fees. Reciprocally Members have access to all Information Services that WSTS provides.

Semiconductor companies that are unable to report revenue data into the WSTS statistics programs (e. g. if they are not shipping any semiconductor products that generate revenues in any one of the recognized WSTS product categories) may obtain access to WSTS Information as Subsribers with WSTS.

All other companies and organizations that wish to access WSTS Information may have a Subscription with one of WSTS' licensed distributors. These licensees provide WSTS statistics within their territories through their own distribution channels.

Participation in WSTS Programs and Activities

Only member companies can play an active role in defining contents of WSTS Information, determining policies, participating in meetings and appointing the WSTS officers and employees.

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A company that at least designs and sells semiconductor products under its own trade name may become WSTS member.


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