Several partners support WSTS in the operation of market statistics information services. Data Collection Agents receive the revenue data from WSTS member companies and keep this data under their custody. Data preparation for specific reports is performed by a consultant. All aspects of WSTS web presentation are covered by a company specialized in web access and content management systems. A law firm and two accounting firms support WSTS in legal and accountig matters.

Data Collection Agents

WSTS has apointed regional DCAs who collect revenue data from member companies and consolidate this data into the regional base report. The regional DCAs keep individual member companies' data in strict custody and under no circumstances will such data be disclosed to any officer or employee of WSTS or any third party. Regional DCAs forward the regional base report at defined dates to the worldwide DCA. The worldwide DCA consolidates all the data of the regional base reports and merges this data with non-participant estimates that are provided by WSTS. DCAs have also the responsibility to check the submitted data for completeness, consistency and plausibility. They will resolve any perceived data anomalies with the submitting member companies. Finally the worldwide DCA posts these data compilations under the name of the various market statistics reports on the WSTS Internet Portal.

Data Collection Agent for Europe, Switzerland collects the data from European member companies.

Data Collection Agent for Japan

Grant Thornton Taiyo LLC, an affiliate of Grant Thornton International, collects the data from Japanese member companies.

Data Collection Agent for Americas, Asia Pacific and Worldwide

Moss Adams, Campbell, California, USA, is both regional data collection agent for the Americas and Asia Pacific based member companies and worldwide data collection agent. In addition MNW is in charge of maintaining the central market statistics database, of implementing format changes from time to time and has the reponsibility for timely publication of all WSTS market statistics reports on the Internet Portal.

Data Preparation for History and Trend Reports

Tier One, a consultant company for special communication services, impersonated by Stuart Harris, accumulates data from WSTS reports and issues the Blue Book History reports, a 14 years compilation of WSTS market statistics data. Virtually the same data is used to build the Green Book report, containing hundreds of trend charts.

Internet Design, Software Development and Support

Kaindl Communications, Graz, Austria is WSTS' Internet partner since 2000. A small team of specialists have developed semi-custom solutions for the WSTS Internet Portal in close co-operation with the WSTS Administrator. The company provided the layout, the functionality, the editorial tools and, last but not least, a very sophisticated access control system.

Forecast Program

Join(+) GmbH, Bodman-Ludwigshafen, Germany, has developed the new WSTS forecast program which is in use to prepare the spring and fall WSTS forecast.

Accounting and Legal

Accounting and Auditing WSTS Inc., USA

Richards Accountancy, Inc., Los Gatos, California, USA, reviews and audits the financial transactions of WSTS Inc. and prepares federal and state income tax returns.

Accounting and Auditing WSTS GmbH, Germany

Haubner, Schaefer und Partner, Bad Aibling, Germany, perfoms accounting, payroll administration, tax returns, audits and statutory financial reports for the affiliate company WSTS GmbH in Germany.

Legal Counsel

Hopkins & Carley, San Jose, California, USA, supports WSTS in all legal matters.

WSTS World Chair

Mr. Indradeep Ghosh, Micron Technology, serves as WSTS World Chairmen since October 26, 2022.


WSTS World Chairmen Indradeep Ghosh from Micron

WSTS Administrator

Tobias Proettel is the Administrator of WSTS. He works from his office in Germany.


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