Subscription with WSTS

Semiconcutor Manufacturers who cannot join WSTS as Member for whatever reason (e.g. acting as a foundry) may enter a subscription with WSTS. Note that this option is only available to Semioconductor Manufacturers. All other Corporations should contact one of WSTS's regional distribution organizations for a subscription.

Subscription Bundle and Period

WSTS offers only the entire information package as defined at the bottom of this page in form of an annual subscription. A subscription is offered for the period of 12 month starting with January of a calendar year and ending with December of the same year. While a subscription may be entered at any time during the calendar year WSTS does not offer pro-rated subscription fees.

A subscription that ends with a calendar year will not automatically extend into the following year. The subscriber will have to order another subscription for the following year, most recommendable not later than early December to avoid an interruption in information flow. A subscription once entered and paid for a calendar year cannot be terminated before its completion and no reimbursement for discontinued use of WSTS infomations will be granted by WSTS.

Price of an Annual Subscription

The price for a subscription in 2022 is US$30,000

Delivery and Safeguarding of Information

WSTS will provide access to all the data at its Internet Portal that the subscription covers. For this purpose WSTS will assign up to 24 User Names and Passwords to employees of the Subscriber's Corporation. All logins will be recorded and monitored. No sharing of access credentials (User Names and Passwords) is permitted and the subscribing Corporation is responsible to set appropriate measures to prevent misappropriation of WSTS prorietary data. Any redistribution of WSTS proprietary data outside the subscriber's organization is strictly prohibited and occurrence of such redistribution by inadvertence or tortuous conduct will be prosecuted. Upon any instance of misappropriation of WSTS proprieatary information WSTS will immediately suspend access to WSTS data without any reimbursement of already paid subscription fees. Apart from that WSTS reserves the right to claim for damage.

Publication Dates

WSTS reports are issued according to the publication schedule as posted on the WSTS Internet Portal. Publication dates quoted therein refer to the dates when these reports are issued to WSTS member companies. Subscribers will typically be able to access the data 48 hours after release to member companies. Moreover subscribers will be notified by email on the publication of reports that are not strictly scheduled.

Inquiry Privileges

All employees of subscribing Corporations that have a User Name and Password assigned may make individual inquiries pertaining to data in the published reports to the WSTS Administrator.

Data Formats for Download

WSTS reports will be made available for download from the WSTS Internet Portal in following formats:

  • PDF (Adobe Acrobat version 6 or newer)
  • XLS and XLSX (Microsoft Excel)
  • JPG (Jpeg - Image files)

The users are responsible to have the necessary application programs installed on their work-stations. WSTS web pages will be correctly displayed on standard versions of following Internet Browsers:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox

As the user identification involves complex data exchange between client and server WSTS cannot gurantee that other browsers or customized versions of above browsers will return the expected results. However WSTS will endeavour to solve access problems caused by such circumstances with reasonable effort.

Reports Included in the WSTS Subscription Package

Name of Report Description Publication Frequency
Blue Book Worldwide semiconductor shipments covering 146 product categories by revenue and 188 product categories by units, therof 57 categories split by the regions Americas, Europe, Japan and Asia Pacific. monthly
Blue Book History Compilation of all Blue Book data since 1991 monthly
Green Book The semiconductor market since 2000 on 467 graphs from the Blue Book monthly
End Use Semiconductor shipments by 4 regions and 18 product categories into 6 end-use segments yearly
Forecast Semiconductor industry forecast by quarters of the current and following year and by year for the two subsequent years, similar product and region classification as the Blue Book twice yearly

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